Creative Paradox: Writers Who Think Inside the Box

AWP Tess CallahanHonored to have my thoughts on creativity shared in the September 2017 AWP Writer’s Notebook. Inspiration drawn from writing contortionists Jennifer Egan, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Haruki Murakami, Mary Oliver and George Saunders. They leave me breathless. You can find the article here.


The Love Affair Between Creativity & Constraint

Can we boost our creative goals by constraining them? Here is a counter-intuitive method of unleashing creativity by putting chains on it. Like Houdini, the imagination likes to use its wits to unshackle itself. This talk explores artists and writers who sought out constraints to leverage inspiration. Innovation needs a boundary to push against. Shakespeare did it. Countless artists and innovators have done it. Discover how to give your own creativity a wild dare.